RCA 77D/DX マイク ピン RCA 77D/DX RIBBON Microphone GOLD Pin 572

型番 FPP572G
販売価格 2,890円(税込3,121円)

発送重量: 18 g

リボン型可変指向性マイクRCA 77D/BX のピンバッチです。特にクラシック音楽にその暖かく、リッチな音質が好まれました。

音楽好きな方に贈る最高のプレゼント、 感動のできばえです。

Quality replica RCA 77D/DX Ribbon Microphone pin badge. Produced by Future Primitive (now Harmony Jewelry).
Approximately 35mm long, by 14mm wide, by 6mm deep (excluding rear pin).
Polydirectional Velocity Ribbon Microphone: 1930's classic, favored for its warm rich tone.
This is an exquisite miniature rendition (1 1/2"long) in key chain jewelry form (for guy or gal) of the RCA 77D/DX Polydirectional Velocity Ribbon Microphone. This key chain is new, cast in pewter, a key ring attached. NOT a functioning mike - made as jewelry only but fully 3D. Quality is TOPS! DETAIL CANNOT BE FAULTED, EVEN BY PROFESSIONALS.



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